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Welcome, and thanks for visiting. Eoin Lynch Storytelling and Puppetry creates work that has been described as 'visually beautiful' and 'wildly exciting'.  The company makes work that incorporates physical theatre, puppetry and visual art to deliver performances that are narratively influenced by magic realism and energetically driven by the ideas of folk theatre.  It is a world where the idea of the ‘impossible’ does not really exist. Where a young boy can change himself into the wind, a cup and saucer can transform into a ferocious monster, or a piece of driftwood can become a lost bird searching for his home  About Eoin Eoin has travelled extensively through India, Bali and Japan to study how many cultures use objects, masks and puppets as an integral part of their storytelling and theatre. As an actor Eoin has been lucky enough to work with some of Ireland’s most prolific theatre and dance companies such as Druid, Red Kettle, Cois Ceim. Barabbas an

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